Teacher Achiever

    Ashok Sengupta KVS Bangalore Region and PMSHRI KV 1 Jalahalli is very proud of Mr Ashok Sengupta , PGT (CS) of the Vidyalaya for contributions to the field of butterfly research and environmentalism. The discovery of a new butterfly species, the Conjoined Silverline, in the Western Ghats of Karnataka is a significant achievement.

    Congratulations to Mr. Ashok Sengupta and the NCBS research team for their efforts in describing and identifying this newfound species. Their work contributes to our understanding of biodiversity and highlights the importance of environmental conservation.

    Chemmelar ShanmugamMrs Chemmelar Shanmugam, HM, PMSHRI Kendria Vidyalaya No 2 Jalahalli East is the proud recipient of National Award for Teachers 2020.

    Revathy IyerMrs Revathy Iyer, PGT Hindi of PMSHRI Kendriya Vidyalaya MEG Centre Bengaluru is the proud recipient of National Award for teachers 2019.